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Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

We'll work on identifying the main roadblocks and root causes of your issues.

  • What your priorities and goals are

  • How high your stress/physiological loads are

  • How to get on top of it all

This is for you if...

You're looking to step into becoming the master of your own life.


You're wanting to feel better, though you notice your body keeps defaulting into the common behaviours, pain and ailments you face - it's like it's the only way it knows to deal!

You keep meeting the same resistance and repeating the same experiences with the relationships you have with others (and yourself!)

You're down and out, low on energy, feeling stressed, and not able to truly rest

You struggle with aches and pains, gut dysfunction, or perhaps hormonal imbalances

You want to be empowered in your own life, rather than bowing down and people pleasing

You're hustling, but keep ending up in the same space and fear you're heading for burnout

Your looking for a plan tailored to you, not some cookie cutter approach

You have a little voice telling you "I'm not good enough", "I'm not worthy", or "what will people think?"

What you can expect



We will utilise a number of questionnaires to determine your priorities and monitor your progress.

We start with the

Health Appraisal Questionnaire


Nutrition and Lifestyle Overview.


The Basics

We will delve deep into your four doctors and the 6 foundation principles of health, creating a solid base in which you can thrive from.


We will analyse patterns of stress and where you might be sabotaging yourself


The Dream!

What would you love in life? Or is that too hard to see through all the things you don't currently like? Starting with our dream can be tricky for some, so if that's the case we will start with your nightmare!

You need to be clear on what is worth changing for...

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Healing takes time. There are 3, 6 and 12 month packages available.

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