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Corrective Exercise Programs

Programs are designed for you specifically - meaning they can be done at home, in the gym, and for as little or as long as you like. It's all about fitting the movement into your lifestyle!

This is suitable for a range of people

  • People beginning exercise

  • People recovering from an injury and wanting some advice around being safe with movement

  • People wanting an assessment of what they are currently doing in the gym (esp those experiencing chronic pain with certain movements).

This is for you if...

You're not one for working out, though a short program to do at home that helps your core function well, and you feel better you would be ideal!

Or maybe you love working out and hitting it at the gym, though you're feeling burnt out, have recurrent pain and it's time to get properly assessed before things get worse


You're injured! And you want a plan to help you rehab and thrive following said injury

You're after some "working in" time - exercise that instead of depleting you, build up energy reserves and helps you through your day

Your working out though continually dealing with pain and injuried

You struggle with aches and pains, gut dysfunction, or perhaps hormonal imbalances

You don't love exercise - AT ALL! Though you can tell it's time to get some form of movement in

You get recurrent pain and symptoms that only every have short term relief

Your looking for a plan tailored to you, that fits your lifestyle and goals

Your core function is kaput! Though you don't even know where to begin to activate it

What you can expect



We will utilise paperwork and assessments to determine your baseline of health.

We will discuss the time, energy and resources you have to commit to your program.

The best exercise program to do, is one that you will actually do!

Please allow two hours for the first session.


The Program

Following the assessment session, I'll spend time reviewing your questionnaires so make sure your program improves overall health, rather than hinders!
Based on your time, space and energy, the program will be tailored to meet your lifestyle.

You program will include, stretches, Zone "working in" exercises, and corrective functional exercises.



Once your program is finalised, we will meet up and run through your specific program.

This way you will now how to do the movements to prevent any further issues.

You then also have free access to PT Enhance which gives you video's of the exercises and specifics of each exercise to best help you.

Book Here

6 week packages available

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